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A Dentist's Journey (Through Hell). In this 13 part series the artist had recently read Dante's Divine Comedy and painted the torment he felt in his life at that moment. It starts with the admission to dentistry and Kris kneeling in front of the Dean as he drops gold coins around him. He is then led into hell  and as in Dante's Inferno what you did in life would torment you in hell. Painting depict the building of skulls and skeletons to having gold coins carved from his head. Under publications you will find a university article on the tormented orthodontist.

Dean of the Dental School, (1)

30" X 18" oil on board,

Here I am with the Dean of the Dental School. This represents my starting days in dentistry. Honestly I did not go into dentistry for the gold coins but for the creativity of the profession.

The Gates of Hell, (2)

18" X 24" oil on board, 

Oil on board, depicting condemned dentists for their wrong doings being led to the gates of hell.

The Abyss, (3)

18" X 30" oil on board,

Here the dentists are falling into the abyss.

Skull Mountain, (4)

18" X 30" oil on board

Hell consisted of orange skies and orange ground.

Skeletal Skyscrapers, (5)

30" X 18" oil on board,

I think I was influenced a little by Salvador Dali in this painting.

The Bridge, (6)

18" X 30" oil on board,

This is one of my favorite paintings. This landscape can be seen in the background of the next painting. 

The Tooth Gatherers, (7)

18" X 24" oil on board,

In the background one can see the skulls and the water from the previous painting.

Full Mouth Reconstruction, (8)

18" X 30" oil on board,

Here we see the condemned dentists rebuilding a skull. This picture was placed on the cover of the Canadian Dental Journal, November 2004 (see publications).

The Gutta Percha Mining Company, (9)

24" X 16" Oil on board,

This painting is within the tooth, where decay is being removed. 

Mandibular Serenity, (10)

18" X 30" oil on board,

This night time scene depicts the dentists taking a rest after a hard day's work.

Last Days of the Midas Touch, (11)

30" X 18" oil on board.

Gold coins are being carved from the side of my head.  


Vertigo, (12)

24" X 30" oil on board,

This is me on the card having my heart cut out. Vegas is in the background as poker was part of the downfall of my marriage. The cards depict the 'dead man's hand'. There are other symbolic meanings to this painting but I am not allowed to say.

Tower of Babel, (13)

30" X 18" oil on board,

During my divorce my escape was always my work, hence the tower of braces.

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