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Kris Row's Background



1972-1976 Bachelor of Arts, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

1976 - 1979 Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Toronto

1985 - 1988 Masters of Science,

University of Manitoba

2017 - 2019 Masters of Arts in Military History

Norwich University, Vermont


Exhibitions & Festivals

2005 - Centennial Concert Hall Winnipeg

2005-6 Mona Lisa Restaurante

2008 - Assiniboine Downs, Art Expo

2009 - Assiniboine Downs, Art Expo

2010 - Assiniboine Downs, Art Expo

2015 - Assiniboine Downs, Art Expo

2017 - Cre8ery Gallery

2017 - Mona Lisa Restaurante



2005 Canadian Dental Journal (cover)

2019 Why Dresden was Bombed? (thesis)



Canadian Dental Association

Winnipeg Dental Society

Canadian Association of Orthodontists

Heartbreakers Hockey Club

Winnipeg Puckhogs

Manitoba Society of Artists



Kris Row BA, DDS, MSc, MA

Born in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada

Lives & works in Winnipeg, Manitoba


Most of my paintings have a story, something that has happened to me in my life. Usually the story is humourous.


If my painting relates to one of my Chinese experiences ( I lived there for over two years) I will sign with my official Chinese name which I was given ' Long Bing'. You will see the white Chinese characters on a patch of red. It means the 'Ice Dragon' owing to a dragon tattoo that I have and the fact I played 'bing quo' (ice hockey).


Kris' hobbies include motorcycles, playing hockey, reading, working out and traveling.


He has two children, Kendall and Dylan along with two dogs, Cooper and Judy (who also traveled with him to China.

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