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Chinese Art.

I lived in China from 2011 until 2014 in the cities of Beijing and Yan Jiao. My official Chinese name is Long Bing which means the Ice Dragon. Since I played ice hockey in the Beijing International League (bingquo) and had a dragon (long) tattoo on my shoulders I was given this name. It is written in Chinese characters on my Chinese documents eg. drivers license. You will see a red patch with the white Chinese characters for Long Bing. In China the last name comes first. You will see this on all my Chinese paintings. 

A Full Load

48" X 36" acrylic on board.

In China I witnessed many hard working people who loaded their bicycles and trucks to the max.

A Day on the Beijing Hutong

30" X 40" acrylic on canvas,

I lived in China between 2011 and 2013. My first year was in Beijing adjacent to the  Hutongs  (alley or lane). What you see in the painting is some of the activity I witnessed, grouped together for the sake of the painting.

Xiao Guan Liao Reading

8" X 12" acrylic on board,

While in China I fiddled around with a cartoon character and his silly bird. I had a lot of time on my hands when I stopped working there. I traveled and painted.

Xiao Guan Liao Fishing

16" X 20" acrylic on board,

The second painting in my cartoon series. Xiao Guan Liao means minor bureaucrat and the red birds name is Xian sheng Mao (Mr. Mao)


Another Full Load

48" X 36" acrylic on canvas

This is the companion piece to 'A Full Load'

Another Day on the Beijing Hutong

 16" X 20" Acrylic on Canvas

The activities represented on my two Beijing Hutong pieces are

compulations of all the activity that I witnessed there. I have no

idea why a man dressed in a Roman costume was carrying a 

yardstick beside a guy throwing money around. I'm sure it wasn't

real, the money that is.

Tribute to Cai Zhizhong

16 " X 20" acrylic on board

While living in China I came across this wonderful artist who wrote comic type books about famous Chinese philosophers. This one is something Lao Zhi said. 'Those that know don't speak, those that don't know speak'

Sayings by Lao Tzu - Enlightenment

12" X 12" acrylic on canvas

A great man gave me these, one who was patient, knowing and content. His name was Yang Yan Peng. These paintings honour his name.


Sayings by Lao Tzu - Letting Go

12" X 12" acrylic on canvas

Sayings by Lao Zhu - Loving

12" X "12" acrylic on canvas

Sayings by Lao Zhu - Knowing

12" X 12" acrylic on canvas

Living in Yan Jiao, China

24" X 36" Oil on Canvas

Between 2012 and the end of 2013 I lived 45 minutes outside of Beijing in a place called Yan Jiao. This was a park a park where I would spend many hours with my girlfriend and two dogs. I would read or watch all the different activities going on. I was a curiosity to many people but they treated me well and have fond memories of this place.

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