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I occasionally flip from acrylics to oils. I love the buttery look of the oils but not the mess I usually make after. Again, same as for the acrylic works, I will depict the humour in my life. I really only had one dark phase. Lets keep it that way!

Road To Heaven

16" X 20" oil on board,

During my life I have listened to many people and sometimes have gotten the wrong advise. In the end my goal is to get to heaven but it can be an obstacle course along the way. My dog Punch is sniffing at the misleading hand on the other side of the wall, the bad side. The clock sunflowers show the passing of time.

Letting It All Go

18" X 24" oil on board.

I was a little bitter after my divorce but when I got over it, I painted this picture as I am releasing the negative feelings.

Orthodontic Crucifixion

12" X 28" oil on board,

My other career is being an orthodontist. Remember I am an artist first then an orthodontist. I think being an artist is more a statement on how you view life while being an orthodontist is performing an artistic side of dentistry (the dental medium is a little different with many different palates :). I also replicated this painting (36" X 84") and it hung in my orthodontic office. It was painted as I often felt bad for some kids as they were growing into a stage where they were noticing the opposite sex and then suddenly they get stuck with braces. So the oversized braces represent the burden of the braces at this stage in their life. I am in the picture, the street sign of my office is there and of course some of my patients are in the painting but I would never say who they were!

Saint Dieter and the Cats

20" X 24" Oil on Canvas

My good friend Dieter has an extremely kind heart when it comes to animals. One year he found two black stray cats outside a Cuban Mercado. They were skinny and underfed. By the time two weeks were up he had two fat happy cats. I switched the spelling to Mer'gato' as gate means cat in Spanish.

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