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Time SeriesThe artist is also an orthodontist and throughout his career he has always felt the pressure of time, watching the clock, attending meetings and completing his research on time for his MSc degree.


Time's Up, 

20" X 16" acrylic on board.

While in graduate school I did research on rats and when I arrive at the Pearly Gates they will be waiting to reet me.

Work Week,

16" X 20" acrylic on board,

My life was dictated by my schedule, be here and be there!

Under Pressure,

16" X 20" acrylic on board

Here I am surrounded by parents waiting for their appointments.

Caught in Time,

20" X 16" acrylic on board,

Here I am depicted being a prisoner within a clock.

The Alarm Clock,

12" X 8" acrylic on canvas

Somedays when that clock goes off the entire world seems to shatter.

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